Congo Initiative

Congo Initiative is the advocacy organization that supports and promotes UCBC and other related community development initiatives in Beni and the region of North Kivu. Congo Initiative is registered in the United States as a non-profit organization, and received its 5013 charter in 2007. In addition to serving as Rector of UCBC, Dr. David Kasali is also the Founder and President of Congo Initiative. The vision of Congo Initiative is to establish 5 community program centers in addition to UCBC, to be based in Beni, North Kivu province. These centers are as follows:

- Center for Development and Partnership
- Center for Church Renewal and Global Mission
- Center for Professional Development and Vocational Training
- Center for Community and Family Renewal
Center for the Creative Arts

Periodic workshops and related events are co-hosted by Congolese and American leadership and coordinated under the auspices of one of the above centers, even though the centers have not been formally launched yet. Those persons in the United States who are interested in International Staff teaching opportunities at UCBC, other volunteer opportunities or in making a financial contribution to CI-UCBC should communicate directly with the Congo Initiative Director of Operations Cullen Rodgers-Gates at