Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo currently offers 4 faculties of study. As we transition into L.M.D. more detailed information about each Faculty will become available.

- Applied Science
- Theology
- Economics
- Communication
- Arts

Each student develops an expertise of their choice by choosing from one of our four Faculties and a track within that Faculty. Through this specialized component of the Licence program, students in each of their faculties are able to do the following:

1. Demonstrate competency and excellence in their field and a specialized focus within their tracks.
2. Engage with their communities on field-related topics and issues.
3. Produce quality works of research and service relevant to their respective fields.
4. Take leadership in their respective communities on matters relevant to their fields.
5. Be competent in the use of modern technology relevant to their professional contexts.
6. Exemplify and model kingdom values, work ethic, and leadership skills in their respective fields.
7. Use their language and computer skills to clearly communicate information for genuine transformation.

All students in the Faculty of Theology study the same core curriculum giving them a strong foundation in the Old and New Testaments, church history, ethics and biblical ethics. In addition to the core curriculum, Theology students have the opportunity to specialize within a track based on their individual talents and interests. UCBC offers Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, Ministry, Biblical Studies, or Philosophy. As a part of the Licence program, all students complete an internship and independent thesis addressing practices and issues within their field and of interest to the student.

Students in the Faculty of Communication go through a core curriculum which provides them with a deeper understanding of English and French linguistics, communication through African languages, and composition in English, French, and selected African languages. From this core curriculum, Communication students can either specialize in Mass Communications, which focuses on organizational communications and public relations, or Journalism, which prepares students to communicate through print media, the radio, and video. Communication students deepen their experience and knowledge of their field through an internship and independent thesis.

The core curriculum for students in the Faculty of Economic Sciences stresses a deep understanding of economic theory, entrepreneurship, finance, mathematics, and business correspondence in English and French. As in all the other Faculties, students in the Faculty of Economic Sciences have the option of to specialize in tracks. Tracks available to students are Business Finance, Management, Economics, and Accounting. Furthermore, Economics students complete an internship and independent thesis as a part of their education at UCBC.

The government holds the Applied Sciences in special regard in a manner different from all other faculties. The facilitation of this program in the UCBC program is still in the process of formulation. UCBC currently offers the following programs: Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Programs. These will be continued under the new L.M.D. framework.