General Education

General education trains all students in core competencies. The Biblical and Theological Competency provides students with a strong understanding of Christian faith and expression while teaching them how to live in right, healthy, and constructive relationship with UCBC students and community members of other religions and denominations.

The Language and Communication Competency trains students to be fluent in both French and English, which enables students to communicate effectively within DRC, within East Africa, and with Europe and the United States. Furthermore, this competency develops students' public speaking skills in French and English, and trains students in computer skills utilizing UCBC's computer lab.

The Science Competency provides students with a broad understanding of very relevant and important scientific issues in their communities particularly pertaining to the environment, psychology, and development.

The Cultural Competency prepares students to engage their contexts and the foreign contexts as learners and with respect. This competency takes as its foundation a unique course called DRC Realities, which introduces and pushes students to critically examine the history and current state of the Democratic Republic of Congo regarding society, politics, and economics.

The Research Competency is founded on the unique Introduction to Social Research course that facilitates student research groups as they identify important questions in their community, develop their own research designs to answer their research question, perform research within the community, analyze and draw conclusions from their data, and present their research to the UCBC community.

Citizenship is designed to teach students responsibility and civics within the UCBC and wider communities and develops students as ethical leaders.

Finally, University Realities provides a basis for all students to study and engage with their fellow students and professors inside and outside of the classroom.