Work Learning Program

UCBC's Work Learning Program re-focuses students on daily realities in the community, with the goal of brining honor to the lifestyles the majority of Congolese lead. Projects are organized with the intention of involving students in the tasks that characterize community realities and emphasize agricultural projects. The Work Learning Program focuses primarily on growing and maintaining the University Peace Gardens. By encouraging students to learn agricultural techniques, the Work Learning Program hopes to challenge the division between the academy and daily realities of Congolese community life. UCBC hopes that encouraging students to reinvest in their immediate context will encourage community centered ethical decisions over the long-term. Each student works in a team setting and completes two hours of work learning per week.

University Peace Gardens
Previous Work Learning Projects

UCBC's Computer Healing Center: Students organized an on-campus center where University and personal computers can be repaired.

Installation of UCBC's Basketball Courts:Students worked to install the University's basketball courts to accommodate the women's and men's teams and develop UCBC's sports program.