Language Institute

The Language Institute provides students and faculty with the opportunity both to teach and study English with other students, faculty, and community members from every background in society. Located in the heart of downtown Beni, UCBC's Language Institute provides a unique position in which a diverse group of people from different ethnicities, faiths, professions and social class can come and learn together. The Congolese faculty at the Language Institute, who also teach at UCBC, lead students in discussion groups and more formalized interactive lessons ranging from the beginner to advanced levels. Lessons are available at times each weekday and Saturday with an organized English Club that ensure that all students can maintain their daily work schedules.

In addition to UCBC faculty working at the Language Institute, advanced students recently performed a service learning project in which they developed their own English lessons and taught them to community members.

Faculty at the Language Institute seek to achieve the following goals with their students:

  1. Provide interactive and constructive English instruction so that students can be able to read and write in English, understand media sources in English, and better interact within the East African region.
  2. Create a learning environment based on equality and mutuality amongst men and women, students of differing faiths, and students of different professions and economic positions.
  3. Equip UCBC students with mentoring and materials in developing and teaching English curriculum that best enables their students to learn and retain English.
  4. Expose Congolese students to developments in the international community through the use of multiple media, including news articles on current events, literature written in English, films, and music.
  5. Provide a context in which Congolese, Americans, and Europeans can engage with and learn from one another.